Food is the New Rock

Ep. 4 - Chicago band Maps & Atlases (Barsuk Records) talk to Zach & Chuck about their love of coffee, what it's like to be a vegetarian band on tour, and the Jello Biafra Breakfast.  Plus, at the end of the episode hear the band play "Remote and Dark Years" live in our Bronson Island Studios.

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Ep. 3 - Superchunk guitarist and Merge Records co-founder Mac McCaughan talks to Zach & Chuck about what it's like to be married to a James Beard Award winning chef, eat with Fugazi and Arcade Fire, and have Yo La Tengo as your own personal Zagat Guide. 

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David Chang & Peter Meehan

Ep. 2 - Momofuku Chef David Chang and Lucky Peach Editor Peter Meehan tell Zach & Chuck about their love of Pavement, Levon Helm, Van Halen, the Allman Bros, George Harrison, and the Indigo Girls.  Plus, Peter talks about his band Spectre Folk and David admits that the music at Momofuku is too damn loud.  

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Jonathan Gold

Ep. 1 - Pulitzer Prize winning L.A. Times food writer Jonathan Gold tells Zach & Chuck about how he began his career writing about the birth of West Coast Hip Hop for Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine. Apparently he quit music to write about food after Suge Knight gave him the stink eye, and tells us all about it.

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