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Ep. 12 - Singer/Songwriter Meiko stops by Bronson Island to talk to Zach and Chuck about fried chicken, Japanese food, and the origin of her name.  Plus she clues us in to her favorite burger in NYC, her favorite pizza in Chicago, and her favorite poke in Hawaii, right before challenging Chuck to a turkey ball cook-off.  We also get her to admit that she helped the Hanson brothers name their beer while on tour together (spoiler: it's called MMMM Hop) even though one of them has terrible taste in cheese (Zac).  Oh, and if you're wondering why the episode is labeled "explicit", it's because Meiko had to go and mention chocolate covered penises.  So there's that also. 

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Ep. 11 - Alex & Cory from Minus the Bear talk food w/ Zach & Chuck.  They give their pics for Seattle, Los Angeles, and the best things to eat at New Mexico truck stops. We also pay tribute to their YouTube sensation "Chicken Wrapped in Bacon", and talk about eating chicken buttholes in Japan. Their new album Infinity Overhead, which was had the working title "Dinner", comes out on Dangerbird Records August 28th.  

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Ep. 10 - Chef Susan Feniger (from Top Chef Masters) welcomed Zach & Chuck to her restaurant Street in Los Angeles, where they talked about her friendships w/ Ozomatli & Shaggy, her creative process, and how awesome it was to cook for Lady Gaga, Sting, Jethro Tull, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney.  She also admits to singing and dancing in the kitchen, and tells the story of how her and Mary Sue Milliken spent 9 hours firing a 26 naan tandoori oven, while burning incense and listening to Indian music (naturally). Her new cookbook Street Food is in stores now, and if you live in Los Angeles they're having a cookbook party on August 26th at Street from 5-10pm.  Get more details at 

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Ep. 9 - Former chef turned rapper Action Bronson talks food w/ Zach & Chuck at The Alchemist's studio in Santa Monica. Action & Zach geek out about NYC street meat for a bit (his favorite is a cart on 74th Street in Queens) before turning to Albanian Grandmas, Michael White, Meatopia, Chicago, and a potential weed cookbook that's in the works (!?!) Action also tells the guys about the time he was fired from a cheffing gig at Citifield, possibly for being a Yankees fan.  

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