Food is the New Rock

Ep. 15 - Patrick Hallahan from My Morning Jacket (aka Zach's favorite band of all time) sits down with Zach & Chuck to talk about eating on tour, Jim James' obsession with creme brulee and Little Debbie snack cakes, and how a lobster roll was responsible for the only MMJ gig he's ever missed.  Patrick also tells us who his favorite bands to eat with are (VHS or Beta and Band of Horses make the cut), takes Anthony Bourdain to task for having Black Keys on his show instead of My Morning Jacket, and after months of research declares that the best sandwich in the country can be found in Seattle.

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Ep. 14 - Keith Morris (ex Black Flag/Circle Jerks) and Dimitri Coats (ex Burning Brides) stop by Bronson Island to talk about their favorite things to eat while touring with their current band OFF!  We discuss the best place to eat near Jumbo's Clown Room in L.A., how to eat a pastrami sandwich at Langer's, the best BBQ in Atlanta, and how Keith copes with having diabetes on the road.  Plus Dimitri tells us about their infamous arrest for stealing cooking oil from a Hawaiian BBQ place, and we get Keith to give us his thoughts about the Greg Ginn Band.  

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Ep. 13 - Adam Roberts (aka The Amateur Gourmet) stops by Bronson Island to play piano and talk to Zach & Chuck about show tunes. He tells us how his Mom built him into the gay man he is today, armed with nothing more than a copy of Barbara Streisand's "Duets", although the 5th grade production of Cats he was in probably helped as well.  Adam also admits that he owes his entire food career to Janet Jackson's boob.  His cookbook "Secrets of the Best Chefs" (Artisan) comes out on October 9th. 

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Ep. 12 Bonus - We're taking Labor Day week off, but wanted to give you something new... so here's the acoustic live session Meiko did for us at Bronson Island after talking to us about food for 45 minutes.  Enjoy! 

1. You and Onions Make Me Cry

2. Stuck On You

3. You Gotta Fucking Tip

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