Food is the New Rock

Ep. 20 - Iron Chef Jose Garces invites Chuck and Zach into his hotel room to talk about music and his new cookbook "The Latin Road Home", plus how he feels about calling food a form of art.  There's also talk of El Vez (The Mexican Elvis!), and Jose attempts to explain away the Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift on his iPod by blaming it on his kids.  

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Ep. 19 - Dapwell and Kool A.D. from the hip hop group Das Racist join Zach on the show this week to talk about dosa, Chinese buffets, and DMT. Plus we ask them about their breakout song "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" and about their appearance in Dosa Hunt, a film by Amrit Singh (from Stereogum). And there's even a rant about Primanti Bros. They also brought along their friends SAFE and Lakutis (aka Lex) to join in on the fun. Thanks to last week's podcast guest Kris Yenbamroong for letting us record the show at Night + Market, his West Hollywood Thai restaurant that's just a few blocks away from the Roxy. 

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Ep. 18 - L.A. Chef Kris Yenbamroong wasn't an obvious choice to be on the podcast, but we're big fans. Not only is he chef at one of the baddest Thai Restaurants in the country (Night + Market), but he's cooked for LCD Soundsytem, used to work for Photographer Richard Kern (where he got to work on a Thurston Moore project), and has been in Disneyland jail. How could we not? 

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Ep. 17 - Experimental noise rock band Deerhoof talks Japanese food and more w/ Chuck and Zach backstage at the Echoplex in L.A. before one of their gigs.  Greg tells us about the time he picketed a McDonald's in Oakland, what it's like being a vegetarian on tour, and his picks for the best sunflower seeds and which rest stops to get them at.  Satomi gives us her picks for Japan, says that Flaming Lips has better catering than Radiohead, and recounts her very first visit to Chuck E Cheese.  

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Ep. 16 - Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio invites Chuck and Zach to his restaurant Ink in West Hollywood to chat about The Grammys, Tom Collicchio, food bloggers, and the time he saw New Kids on the Block in concert.  Plus the guys get Michael to admit that being awarded a Food Club plaque by Aziz Ansari, Jason Woliner, and Eric Wareheim may have been better than winning Top Chop.  

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