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Zach & Chuck say farewell to 2013 and reminisce about their favorite episodes of the year. And, just a reminder... you still have a few more days to sign up to win our Holiday Gift Guide prize pack, which includes a Sonos Play3, a Cool Culinaria vintage print, a Turntable Kitchen pairings box featuing a ltd edition 7" by Local Natives, Roy Choi's new book "L.A. Son" and a brand new Food is the New Rock t-shirt by Flavour Gallery.  To register to win just like us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter. Have a Happy New Year and see you in 2014!  

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Ep. 74 - Noma chef Rene Redzepi was in the states promoting his new book "A Work in Progress", and was kind enough to come to Bronson Island to talk music and creativity with us. He tells us how he added music to the kitchen to pump up his staff before and during service, and why he asked Lars Ulrich from Metallica to write the intro to his new book. Rene also talks about growing up poor in Denmark and how big a deal it was to buy his first albums- which were Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera and David Bowie's soundtrack to Laybryinth. Rene also tries to turn Zach onto Einstürzende Neubauten, and admits that meeting Alice Waters was more exciting to him than any musician he's ever met or cooked for.

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Ep. 73 - On this week's podcast we welcome Nerdist's MATT MIRA to Bronson Island for our annual HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE EPISODE.  We talk guitars, doughnuts, and Gordon Ramsay and at the end of the episode Chuck, Zach, Matt and Jeff Miller from Thrillist LA recommend the best gifts to buy the music and food lover in your life.  Plus one lucky listener will win a prize pack which includes:

  • A Sonos Play 3 w/ bridge courtesy of Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi 
  • A pairings box from Turntable Kitchen featuring recipes, a few ingredients, a limited edition exclusive 7" and an 18-20 "mix tape" of MP3's curated by Matt & Kasey from Turntable Kitchen.
  • An 11" x 14" vintage restaurant menu print from Cool Culinaria
  • Our newly designed Food is the New Rock T-Shirt available now from Flavour Gallery
  • And more!!!

To enter to win just like our Food is the New Rock Facebook page, and sign up for our weekly newsletter.  Already on both?  Then you're already entered to win! 

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Ep. 72 - New Orleans chef Donald Link is this week's podcast guest, the last in our series of episodes from the Life is Beautiful music and food festival in Las Vegas.  We talk about the two most important things to anybody who lives in New Orleans: music and food. He tells us about his dad's record collection and hi-fi set up, the band he played with in college, and how much he loves the Allman Brothers and Kiss.  Donald Link is the executive chef and owner of Herbsaint, Cochon, Butcher and Peche in New Orleans, and the author of the cookbook Real Cajun.

This week's episode was sponsored by the Palms Casino and Resort, who graciously put us up in Las Vegas the weekend of the festival so that we could record these episodes.  

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Ep. 71 - Nathan Followill from Kings of Leon and his wife Singer Songwriter Jessie Baylin join us for this year's Thanksgiving Spectacular, thanks to last year's Thanksgiving guest Michelle Branch.  We hear about how the Followills will be spending Thanksgiving this year at the KOL country ranch (spoiler: caviar will be involved.)  They also tell us their favorite places to eat while on tour, from Portland to Charleston, Los Angeles, Austin, and of course Nashville- where they live.  Plus Nathan admits to doing something unbelievable in the middle of a meal at El Bulli in Spain, which might be the best restaurant story we've ever heard on the podcast.  

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Ep. 70 - French Chef Hubert Keller is known mostly as the Chef/Owner of Fleur de Lys in San Francisco and Las Vegas, plus his stint on Top Chef Masters.  But did you also know he is a house DJ?  We sat down with him at the Life is Beautiful festival in Vegas to talk about how he got into DJing, what instruments he played growing up (spoiler: accordion is mentioned), and how he grew up listening to American music whose lyrice he couldn't understand. Plus he shared a great early story about legendary Chef Charlie Trotter, who passed away suddenly last week at the age of 54.  

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Ep. 69 - We kick off Life is Beautiful month here on the Food is the New Rock podcast w/ Top Chef's Tom Colicchio, who sat down with us last weekend at his Las Vegas restaurant Heritage Steak in the Mirage to talk music before Day 1 of the Life is Beautiful music and food festival.  He tells us about his guitar collection, what it was like to fish with Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction, and admits to doing his best work when he was in his 20s (just like most musicians.)  Also, we don't want to spoil it, but Tom's first concert was probably the best we've ever heard on this podcast. 

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Ep. 68 - Hannah and Christian from Grouplove invite us into their home to talk Halloween candy, pizza and their Chipotle VIP cards. Hannah tells us about growing up on a farm, and Christian recounts his time working as a bartender for Danny Meyer in New York. Plus they admit (for the first time publicly, we believe) that they recently turned vegan!  Their album Spreading Rumors, featuring the hit song "Ways to Go", is out now.  

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Ep. 67 - We continue with part two of last week's episode, bringing in Ryan and Matt from Grill 'em All (winners of the Great Food Truck Race in 2010) to join Scott from Weezer.  We talk about Dee Snider (both the burger and the man), Winger, and Metallica (naturally).  Plus they tell us about their collaborations with Zak Wylde. Get more info about their brick and mortar at

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Ep. 66 - Weezer's bassist Scott Shriner is a burger aficionado, so we met him at his favorite burger place in L.A. (Grill 'em All) to talk burgers, pizza and milkshakes.  We also talk cronuts, his mongolian BBQ strategy, and he admits that his favorite burger in Japan is McDonald's. This is actually just part 1 of 2.  At the end of this episode we invite the two guys from Grill 'em All to join the party and talk METAL.  So you have that to look forward to next week... 

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Ep. 65 - Jack Black and Kyle Gass are our latest podcast guests, and this may shock you... but both of the members of The D are into food. All the major chicken groups are discussed... including roasted, fried and waffle topped.  We also find out Jack & Kyle's favorite BBQ spots while they're on tour, and Jack unlocks the mystery behind Zach's lifelong obsession with General Tso's chicken.  

Tenacious D are presenting The Festival Supreme Saturday October 9th at the Santa Monica Pier.  But your tickets now and get more info at

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Ep. 64 - Chef Sang Yoon is well known in L.A. as the chef of Father's Office and Lukshon, and around the country for his stint on Top Chef Masters (both as a guest and a judge). But did you know he was also a roadie as a teenager?  He tells us all about it on this weeks podcast.  We also talk about his mom's amazing vinyl collection, the instrument she forced him to play, and how much she loved Def Leppard. Plus Zach manages to bring up Sang's refusal to serve ketchup or make any substitutions to the Father's Office burger, and compares it to punk rock.  

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Ep. 63 - Devo is what Mark Mothersbaugh is most known for, unless you're under the age of 10 in which case you're probably more familiar with his work as the composer for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs!  We sat down with him at the Mutato HQ on Sunset Blvd to talk to him about Mexican food, hot dogs, and meatballs (naturally).  Plus he tells us about eating on tour, and the time David Bowie introduced him to sushi (spoiler: David Bowie introduced him to sushi!!!!!)

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 is in theaters this Friday, September 27th

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Ep. 62 - In addition to being incredibly soulful and incredibly handsome, Mayer Hawthorne also loves food (and even has a burger named after him at Umami!)   He sat down with Zach at our Bronson Island studio to talk about doughnuts, hashbrowns and fragels.  Plus he tells us his favorite places to eat in his hometown of Ann Arbor, MI and gives away his mom's secret ingredient for brisket.  Curious where to get the best banana cream pie?  He tell us that too.  His new album "Where Does This Door Go" is out now on Republic Records. 

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Ep. 61 - This week's episode was produced in conjunction w/ Food & Wine Magazine and features the band Yo La Tengo.  Ira, Georgia & James sit down with Zach to talk about their favorite cities to eat in while on tour, something they've been doing for over 30 years.  They talk about Nashville, their home state of New Jersey, and where to find the best BBQ. Plus they tell us the secret to making a good lobster roll, and admit to marking up multiples editions of Jane & Michael Stern's Road Food while on tour.  

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Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione

Ep. 60 - No beer has tapped (pun intended) into the music scene more than Dogfish Head, and this week we we're super excited to welcome its legendary founder Sam Calagione to the podcast.  We talk to him about all of the collaborations Dogfish Head has done with musicians, including Dan the Automator, Robert Johnson, Miles Davis, and the forthcoming "American Beauty" w/ the Grateful Dead.  We also ask him about his rap group "The Painkillaz", and he tell us about the time The Strokes destroyed the speakers at the brewery (before becoming super famous.)  He's so awesome, they're turning his life into a sitcom- which he also tells us about... 

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Ep. 59 - Chicago Chef Grant Achatz (Alinea,NEXT) was in town this past weekend for the L.A. Food & Wine Fest, and we were lucky enough to get to sit down with him to talk about whether or not food is art (spoiler: when Grant Achatz cooks it, it is.) He also tells us about the void in his music taste that coincides with the years he was slaving away at the French Laundry. Grant also tells us about the time Justin Timberlake invaded his dining room at Alinea, and admits that one day he hopes to cook for Axl Rose.

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Ep. 58 - Comedian (and musician!) Dave Hill is this week's podcast guest. We caught up with him at Outside Lands the weekend before last to talk cronuts, the buffet at Sizzler, and how Cleveland has better Mexican food than NYC.  Plus he tell us what it's like to eat Vegan Chinese food with Moby, and play with medieval weapons at Phil from Pantera's house. You can follow him on Twitter @mrdavehill and his podcast "The Dave Hill Podcasting Incident" is avaialble for free on iTunes. 

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Ep. 57 - Outside Lands was this past weekend in San Francisco and Zach was there stuffing his face and recording podcasts... but mostly just stuffing his face.  He did manage to snag Ivan Neville for a 15 minute whirlwind conversation about New Orleans food, and then immediately afterward snagged Jon and Josiah from Seattle's The Head and the Heart while they were eating lunch backstage. They talked about Paseo's, frozen truck stop burritos, and what kind of catering Dave Matthews has with Zach and guest host Jeff Miller from Thrillist.

The Head and the Heart's new album "Let's Be Still" comes out October 15th on Sub Pop Records, and Ivan Neville's band Dumpstapunk is currently on tour.  You can get more info on both at and

And to see the photos of all the food Zach stuffed in his face at Outside Lands, go to our website or follow us on Instagram @foodisthenewrock 

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Ep. 56 - SNL Guitarist Jared Blake Scharff is this week's guest on the podcast.  He and Zach talk about finding lunch near 30 Rock, ordering ramen and soba in Japan, and peeing next to Lorne Michaels. They also talk about how Jared sent his good friend Noelle from Fitz & the Tantrums to eat with a short fat food blogger in Los Angeles that he himself had never even met before.

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Rachael Ray

Ep. 55 - You obviously know this week's guest as an author, Food Network personality, and daytime talk show host, but did you also know that Rachael Ray loves music and her husband is in a band? She's also obsessed with Austin, and every year throws a huge party at SxSw with her favorite bands.  We also found out that she's a crazy Foo Fighters fan, her first concert was Peter Gabriel, and her first crush was Tom Jones (and those feelings may or may not still exist.)

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Ep. 54 - BBQ and grilling expert Adam Perry Lang, founder of Daisy May's BBQ in NYC, sits down with Zach to talk smoke and music. He talks about raiding his parents' record collection, The Boss, and whether or not barbecue is an art. Also, Huey Lewis and the News comes up (again.)  He just re-released his book Serious Barbecue, and is doing a lunchtime barbecue pop up Tuesday through Thursday in the parking lot behind Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles. Get more info at 

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Ep. 53 - This week's guest is mostly known as the original lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies, but his latest gig is host of The Illegal Eater, a new food-travel series focusing on underground restaurants, secret supper clubs, and illegal eateries. We met him at Los Angeles' original illegal eatery, Starry Kitchen, to talk about food. He tells us what kind of stuff he grew up eating in Toronto, his favorite place to tour w/ BL, and his favorite delis in New York. He also showed us his Bar Mitzvah ring but admitted that he used to eat bacon on Christmas.  Illegal Eater premieres this fall on Travel and Escape in Canada, and in the U.S. TBD.  You can see a preview on our website 

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Ep. 52 - Faith No More keyboardist and Imperial Teen lead singer Roddy Bottum stops by Bronson Island to talk food with Chuck and Zach. He gives us his strategy for attacking the Original Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, clues Zach in to the all you can eat pavillion at Dodgers' stadium, and tells us why sushi chefs don't like him. He also says Mike Patton will eat anything and his Imperial Teen bandmate Lynn will believe anything. 

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Ep. 51 - Chipotle's Culinary Manager (and former Next Iron Chef Contestant) Nate Appleman stops by the studio to talk music w/ Zach and fill in host Jeff Miller from Thrillist LA and the Black Crystal Wolf Kids.  They talk 80s music, Robin Thicke, and metal, plus Zach takes him to task over Chipotle's quesarito.

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We're taking a break this week (after a year, we deserve it!) but don't forget... we're giving away a prize pack of signed cookbooks from past guests.  All you have to do is go to our website and sign up for our email newsletter and you'll be entered to win signed cookbooks from Michael Voltaggio, David Chang, Marcus Samuelsson, Rick Bayless and more.  PLUS if you're in the L.A. area come to the L.A. Street Food Festival at the Rose Bowl this Saturday (June 29th).  Zach and Chuck will be there selling shirts and kissing babies.  

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Ep. 50 - We celebrate our 50th episode and 1 year anniversary by inviting back the guest from one of our very first shows... Kogi Chef Roy Choi.  Roy appeared in Episode 0 w/ Mike D from the Beastie Boys, so we didn't get to talk to him as much as we would have liked.  So for our big 50th episode we brought him back to talk about the similarties between what he does and what musicians and DJs do.  We also talk hip hop, Kiss, Grateful Dead parking lot egg rolls, and Alice Cooper.  

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Ep. 49 -  Bebban & Ted from the band Shout Out Louds stop by our Bronson Island studio to teach Chuck and Zach all about Swedish food.  They discuss pölsa, reindeer cheese, and saltakrits as well as what moose meat tastes like.  They also talk about the Ikea horse meat scandal (naturally), and Swedish Chinese food.  Plus Bebban tells us how she got the nickname Bebban Hamburger (spoiler: she loves hamburgers.)

Their new album Optica is out now on Merge Records.

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Ep. 48 - You probably know Chef Scott Conant from his restaurant Scarpetta (in NYC, Miami Beach, Vegas and L.A.) or as the champion of Chopped All Stars Season 3.  But did you know he was also a huge Dylan fan?  We also talk about Run DMC, Huey Lewis and the News, and Dean Martin, plus the time Clive Davis almost bit him on the ear over a plate of white truffle risotto.  

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Ep. 47 - Detroit's own Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. stops by Bronson Island to talk food and music w/ Zach & Chuck.  We discuss fake celiac, Sushi Nozawa, and the rules for eating at an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Plus Josh & Daniel tell us the story of the time they went to Ninja with music industry legend Seymour Stein (Spoiler: he loves buffalo fish sticks. Double spoiler: buffalo fish sticks are a thing that exists.) 

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Ep. 46 - Noelle from Fitz & The Tantrums is a huge fan of eating at nice restaurants, and tells us all about it on this week's podcast.  Mark Hamilton from KROQ is the guest host again, and we talk to her about the amazing meal we shared at the hands of last week's podcast guest, Jamie Bissonnette.  We also talk hummus, where to get the best shrimp and grits, the craziest burger she's ever eaten, and what is like to cook with Daryl Hall. Plus Noelle tells us her secret fried chicken ingredient.

Fitz and the Tantrums new album "More Than Just a Dream" is out now. Get more details at

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Ep. 45 - Boston chef and Chopped Champion Jamie Bissonnette (Coppa,Toro) talks punk, ska, and hardcore with Zach and fill in co-host/former Bostonian Mark Hamilton from KROQ. He tells us his first concert, first record, what band you have to listen to get a job working for him, what famous hardcore chick briefly turned him vegan, and what music he likes to have on when he makes sexy time with himself. Jamie also admits to hating Aerosmith but loving Fitz and the Tantrums, which is a perfect lead in to next week's episode featuring Noelle from Fitz & the Tantrums!

Jamie will be at The Great Googa Mooga in Brooklyn May 17-19th where he'll be sampling food from Toro, which is opening a 2nd location in New York City in the Fall of 2013. 

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Ep. 44 - Ryan and Sebu from the band behind the mega hit song "Safe & Sound" stop by Bronson Island to talk food and music with Zach and Jeff Miller from Thrillist LA (who's filling in for Chuck this week.)  We talk about the McCrap, deli grade cold cuts, blood sausage, and the food in Peru.  Plus, since the guys used to write music for commercials, they write a jingle for Food is the New Rock on the fly.  

Capital Cities new album "In a Tidal Wave of Mystery" comes out June 7th. Get more info plus tour dates at 

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Ep. 43 - You may know Chef Graham Elliot from one of his amazing Chicago restaurants (Graham Elliot, Grahamwich, G.E.B.).  Or as a judge from Masterchef on FOX. Or maybe as the food curator of Lollapalooza. But, did you know that music saved his life?  Or that he got to cook for Morrissey after writing him a poem describing why he wanted to cook for him?  He also tells Zach & Chuck about Gordon Ramsay's obsession with ABBA, and what it was like meeting Richard Marx (Spoiler: It was awesome.)  

Masterchef Season 4 starts May 22nd on FOX.  

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Ep. 42 - This week's guest is Steregum's executive editor Amrit Singh.  He joins Chuck and Zach to talk about Dosa Hunt, the short film he made last year starring a group of indie rock musicians looking for dosa in Manhattan and Queens. The next screening of the film, which features members of Das Racist, Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer and Neon Indian, will take place on May 4th at Tribeca Cinemas as part of the NY Indian Film Festival.  Get more info at 

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Ep. 41 - Blur's bassist Alex James sat down with us before the band's mainstage set at Coachella to talk about his life as a farmer, his love of cheese, and the music and food festival he puts on every year with Jamie Oliver.  He also is a big fan of Sting's olive oil.  To read more about it after finishing the podcast, go to

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Andy Ricker

Ep. 40 - You may know Chef Andy Ricker from Pok Pok, his Thai food empire that started in Portland and expanded into New York City last year. He's a James Beard Award winner, and his wings are legendary. But did you know that he also spent a lot of time as a DJ and a musician before becoming a chef?  He also geeks out about New Zealand music with Chuck, and tells us about his first concert (Spoiler: It was Bob Marley). His cookbook Pok Pok, which comes out in the fall, is available for pre-order now. 

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Ep. 39 - Coachella is just two weeks away, and this week our guest is Cut Chemist (aka Lucas MacFadden) the brilliant turntablist from one of the headliners we're most excited to see, Jurassic 5.  Lucas tells us what it was like growing up in what's now Thai Town w/ musicians like Biz Markie, Wil Dog from Ozomatli, and Zach de la Rocha. Plus he shares his recipe for amazing chicken wings, shows us how to eat horse dick, and most amazingly gets Zach to consider juicing. Follow him on Twitter @cut_chemist and for god's sake, like his food photos on Instagram so he'll post more of them! 

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Ep. 38 - L.A. Chef David Myers invites Zach into his new restaurant Hinoki in the Bird to talk food and music. He tells us what he would do if he ever got to cook for Jimmy Hendrix, where he thinks Thom Yorke should eat when he comes to L.A. and what kind of music he likes to unwind to after a long day of cooking.  Plus he tells us about the time he took his kitchen staff to see Sigur Ros, and admits that his first concert ever was the Beach Boys. First concert without the parents?  The Ramones. 

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Ep. 37 - Timothy Nordwind from Ok Go is this week's guest, talking food and music with Chuck & Zach. They talk about the "rib platoon", the paleo diet, and the time he saw Mr. T at Langer's Deli in Los Angeles. Tim also gives his favorite food recs for Chicago, L.A., and Austin, and tells us how the band made the toast video for the Ok Go song "Last Leaf". Tim's side project Pyyramids, with singer Drea Smith, is on tour now.  Get details at

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Ep. 36 - Pomplamoose's Nataly Dawn stops by Bronson Island to talk corn dogs, cheap Chinese food, and chocolate chip bagels with Chuck & Zach.  She also tell them about her and Jack's house in Sonoma, the worst food item a venue has ever put in her dressing room, and how eating foie gras for the first time at French Laundry completely changed her life.  Nataly's first solo record "How I Knew Her" is out now, and she's about to go on tour.  Get details at 

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Ep. 35 - Top Chef Masters judge and food writer Francis Lam stops by Bronson Island to talk food and music with Zach & Chuck. Food as art, the problem with Korean BBQ restaurants, and how Biggie inspired him in his food writing is discussed.  Plus they also ask him about his infamous discussion with Chef Eddie Huang about whether or not Chefs should cook the food of cultures that aren't their own, and how it relates to the music world.  Follow him on twitter @francis_lam 

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Ep. 34 - On this week's podcast we talk to NYC based singer/songwriter IFE Sanchez Mora about food, music, and her super famous chef husband, the Food Network's Aaron Sanchez.  She tells us where to get the best al pastor tacos in Cuernvaca (where her family is from), the combination plates spot she ate with her family in Detroit (where she grew up) and how she got her first piano lesson from Sun Ra.  IFE also tells us how Chef Chris Cosentino tried to steal Aaron away from her, and Zach does his best to do the same (this was clearly recorded before we had Chris on the podcast).  IFE's new album "Fire Inside of Me" can now be heard on her website

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Cheech Marin & Chef John Sedlar

Ep. 33 - You know Cheech Marin from his important work as half of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong, but did you also know that he is an avid cook? He competed on Rachel's & Guy's Celebrity Cook Off on the Food Network, and last month hosted a dinner at the Los Angeles restaurant Playa.  Just before dinner we got to sit down at the restaurant with him and Playa Chef John Sedlar to talk food and music.  Cheech tells us about the origin of his name, where he buys his beans, and how pizza delivery is going to be worked into his Cheech & Chong app "The Fatty", which you can download on iTunes for free.  

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Ep. 32 - San Francisco Chef (Incanto, Boccalone), Food Network personality, and Top Chef Masters Season 4 winner Chris Cosentino comes to Bronson island to talk music and cooking with Zach & Chuck.  He talks about Bones Brigade (which sadly has nothing to do with cooking bones), cooking for Ben Harper, seeing Nirvana for $5, and taking his 8 year old son to Outside Lands.  We also talked about how chefs and musicians both grapple with the idea of making people happy versus staying true to their vision.  At the end he may or may not imply that the podcast is a big cauldron of shit, with Zach holding the spoon.  Only one way to find out...  Enjoy!

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Ep. 31 - Fans of the Local Natives have been waiting almost 3 years for the release of their 2nd album, which finally came out last week!  And before they went out on tour we sat down with Kelcey and Matt in our Bronson Island studio to talk about food.  They told us about their favorite Cuban sandwich place in Seattle, the worst meal they've ever eaten on tour (spoiler: it was in Montreal!), and what happened to Taylor after he followed up a 10 day juice cleanse by eating steak topped nachos. They also tell us about their obsession with beer, and the fun surprises they get by including "Local Craft Beer" as one of the things on their rider.  Their new album Hummingbird is available now, and you can see their tour dates on

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CJ from Top Chef

Ep. 30 - Top Chef Season 3 and Season 10 contestant Chris Jacobson (aka "CJ") stops by Bronson Island to talk music, and talk shit, with Zach & Chuck.  Pavement, LCD Soundsystem, and Bad Religion are discussed, as is the guilt CJ feels for being the tallest guy at every concert he goes to.  He also calls Wylie Dufresne the Sonic Youth of food, talks a lot of smack about Stefan, and says that the best thing he ever got out of being on Top Chef was getting to be on the radio show Jonesy's Jukebox w/ Steve Jones (from the Sex Pistols) and Chef Marco Pierre White.

If you're in L.A. you can try CJ's food at The Mercantile (where he is a consultant) or at Square One from Feb. 14th to the 17th (details at Top Chef Season 10 airs Weds nights at 10pm on Bravo- and If you want to see CJ back on the show use the hashtag #savechefCJ on twitter.  

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Ep. 29 - Claire and Jona from the L.A. (by way of Portland) band Yacht stop by Bronson Island and end up becoming our favorite vegans of all time. They talk fake meat food science, the Vegan Passport, coconut bacon, daiya cheese and what it's like to have Hot Chip as their personal mixologists. They also tell us what it's like touring with LCD Soundsystem, and how nerve wracking it was to soundcheck in front of the band while they ate dinner.  The story ends with Claire and Jona doing an imitation of Nickelback (no joke.)  Thanks to my old radio buddy Mark Hamilton for filling in for a very sick Chuck P. again this week.

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Ep. 28 - We're not exactly sure who originally coined the phrase Food is the New Rock, but if our little thesis had forefathers this week's guest would definitely be one of them.  Greg, along with his twin brother Darin, created and produced the show Dinner with the Band, which aired on IFC from 2007 to 2010. Now they host the food/music show Snacky Tunes which airs every Monday at 2pm on Heritage Radio.  We talk to Greg about both projects and get into whether or not food really is the new rock (spoiler: we say yes.) We also may or may not argue over whose show name is worse (spoiler: we say ours.) 

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Ep. 27 - Drum & Bass legend Damian Higgins (aka DJ Dieselboy) stops by Bronson Island for the first episode of 2013! He tells Zach & Chuck what it's like being food guru to all his musician friends (like DJ Z-Trip), and confirms the existence of his infamous "Golden List".  There is also talk of Dieselboy giving up music for a career in food, because he's heard that food might be the new rock (see what we did there?)  And at the end of the episode Damian admits to spending a significant portion of last year annoying the guys from Torrisi in NYC for their lasagna recipe... which he finally ended up getting.

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