Food is the New Rock

Ep. 34 - On this week's podcast we talk to NYC based singer/songwriter IFE Sanchez Mora about food, music, and her super famous chef husband, the Food Network's Aaron Sanchez.  She tells us where to get the best al pastor tacos in Cuernvaca (where her family is from), the combination plates spot she ate with her family in Detroit (where she grew up) and how she got her first piano lesson from Sun Ra.  IFE also tells us how Chef Chris Cosentino tried to steal Aaron away from her, and Zach does his best to do the same (this was clearly recorded before we had Chris on the podcast).  IFE's new album "Fire Inside of Me" can now be heard on her website

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Cheech Marin & Chef John Sedlar

Ep. 33 - You know Cheech Marin from his important work as half of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong, but did you also know that he is an avid cook? He competed on Rachel's & Guy's Celebrity Cook Off on the Food Network, and last month hosted a dinner at the Los Angeles restaurant Playa.  Just before dinner we got to sit down at the restaurant with him and Playa Chef John Sedlar to talk food and music.  Cheech tells us about the origin of his name, where he buys his beans, and how pizza delivery is going to be worked into his Cheech & Chong app "The Fatty", which you can download on iTunes for free.  

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Ep. 32 - San Francisco Chef (Incanto, Boccalone), Food Network personality, and Top Chef Masters Season 4 winner Chris Cosentino comes to Bronson island to talk music and cooking with Zach & Chuck.  He talks about Bones Brigade (which sadly has nothing to do with cooking bones), cooking for Ben Harper, seeing Nirvana for $5, and taking his 8 year old son to Outside Lands.  We also talked about how chefs and musicians both grapple with the idea of making people happy versus staying true to their vision.  At the end he may or may not imply that the podcast is a big cauldron of shit, with Zach holding the spoon.  Only one way to find out...  Enjoy!

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Ep. 31 - Fans of the Local Natives have been waiting almost 3 years for the release of their 2nd album, which finally came out last week!  And before they went out on tour we sat down with Kelcey and Matt in our Bronson Island studio to talk about food.  They told us about their favorite Cuban sandwich place in Seattle, the worst meal they've ever eaten on tour (spoiler: it was in Montreal!), and what happened to Taylor after he followed up a 10 day juice cleanse by eating steak topped nachos. They also tell us about their obsession with beer, and the fun surprises they get by including "Local Craft Beer" as one of the things on their rider.  Their new album Hummingbird is available now, and you can see their tour dates on

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