Food is the New Rock

Ep. 38 - L.A. Chef David Myers invites Zach into his new restaurant Hinoki in the Bird to talk food and music. He tells us what he would do if he ever got to cook for Jimmy Hendrix, where he thinks Thom Yorke should eat when he comes to L.A. and what kind of music he likes to unwind to after a long day of cooking.  Plus he tells us about the time he took his kitchen staff to see Sigur Ros, and admits that his first concert ever was the Beach Boys. First concert without the parents?  The Ramones. 

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Ep. 37 - Timothy Nordwind from Ok Go is this week's guest, talking food and music with Chuck & Zach. They talk about the "rib platoon", the paleo diet, and the time he saw Mr. T at Langer's Deli in Los Angeles. Tim also gives his favorite food recs for Chicago, L.A., and Austin, and tells us how the band made the toast video for the Ok Go song "Last Leaf". Tim's side project Pyyramids, with singer Drea Smith, is on tour now.  Get details at

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Ep. 36 - Pomplamoose's Nataly Dawn stops by Bronson Island to talk corn dogs, cheap Chinese food, and chocolate chip bagels with Chuck & Zach.  She also tell them about her and Jack's house in Sonoma, the worst food item a venue has ever put in her dressing room, and how eating foie gras for the first time at French Laundry completely changed her life.  Nataly's first solo record "How I Knew Her" is out now, and she's about to go on tour.  Get details at 

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Ep. 35 - Top Chef Masters judge and food writer Francis Lam stops by Bronson Island to talk food and music with Zach & Chuck. Food as art, the problem with Korean BBQ restaurants, and how Biggie inspired him in his food writing is discussed.  Plus they also ask him about his infamous discussion with Chef Eddie Huang about whether or not Chefs should cook the food of cultures that aren't their own, and how it relates to the music world.  Follow him on twitter @francis_lam 

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