Food is the New Rock

Ep. 47 - Detroit's own Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. stops by Bronson Island to talk food and music w/ Zach & Chuck.  We discuss fake celiac, Sushi Nozawa, and the rules for eating at an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Plus Josh & Daniel tell us the story of the time they went to Ninja with music industry legend Seymour Stein (Spoiler: he loves buffalo fish sticks. Double spoiler: buffalo fish sticks are a thing that exists.) 

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Ep. 46 - Noelle from Fitz & The Tantrums is a huge fan of eating at nice restaurants, and tells us all about it on this week's podcast.  Mark Hamilton from KROQ is the guest host again, and we talk to her about the amazing meal we shared at the hands of last week's podcast guest, Jamie Bissonnette.  We also talk hummus, where to get the best shrimp and grits, the craziest burger she's ever eaten, and what is like to cook with Daryl Hall. Plus Noelle tells us her secret fried chicken ingredient.

Fitz and the Tantrums new album "More Than Just a Dream" is out now. Get more details at

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Ep. 45 - Boston chef and Chopped Champion Jamie Bissonnette (Coppa,Toro) talks punk, ska, and hardcore with Zach and fill in co-host/former Bostonian Mark Hamilton from KROQ. He tells us his first concert, first record, what band you have to listen to get a job working for him, what famous hardcore chick briefly turned him vegan, and what music he likes to have on when he makes sexy time with himself. Jamie also admits to hating Aerosmith but loving Fitz and the Tantrums, which is a perfect lead in to next week's episode featuring Noelle from Fitz & the Tantrums!

Jamie will be at The Great Googa Mooga in Brooklyn May 17-19th where he'll be sampling food from Toro, which is opening a 2nd location in New York City in the Fall of 2013. 

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Ep. 44 - Ryan and Sebu from the band behind the mega hit song "Safe & Sound" stop by Bronson Island to talk food and music with Zach and Jeff Miller from Thrillist LA (who's filling in for Chuck this week.)  We talk about the McCrap, deli grade cold cuts, blood sausage, and the food in Peru.  Plus, since the guys used to write music for commercials, they write a jingle for Food is the New Rock on the fly.  

Capital Cities new album "In a Tidal Wave of Mystery" comes out June 7th. Get more info plus tour dates at 

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