Food is the New Rock
Rachael Ray

Ep. 55 - You obviously know this week's guest as an author, Food Network personality, and daytime talk show host, but did you also know that Rachael Ray loves music and her husband is in a band? She's also obsessed with Austin, and every year throws a huge party at SxSw with her favorite bands.  We also found out that she's a crazy Foo Fighters fan, her first concert was Peter Gabriel, and her first crush was Tom Jones (and those feelings may or may not still exist.)

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Ep. 54 - BBQ and grilling expert Adam Perry Lang, founder of Daisy May's BBQ in NYC, sits down with Zach to talk smoke and music. He talks about raiding his parents' record collection, The Boss, and whether or not barbecue is an art. Also, Huey Lewis and the News comes up (again.)  He just re-released his book Serious Barbecue, and is doing a lunchtime barbecue pop up Tuesday through Thursday in the parking lot behind Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles. Get more info at 

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Ep. 53 - This week's guest is mostly known as the original lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies, but his latest gig is host of The Illegal Eater, a new food-travel series focusing on underground restaurants, secret supper clubs, and illegal eateries. We met him at Los Angeles' original illegal eatery, Starry Kitchen, to talk about food. He tells us what kind of stuff he grew up eating in Toronto, his favorite place to tour w/ BL, and his favorite delis in New York. He also showed us his Bar Mitzvah ring but admitted that he used to eat bacon on Christmas.  Illegal Eater premieres this fall on Travel and Escape in Canada, and in the U.S. TBD.  You can see a preview on our website 

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Ep. 52 - Faith No More keyboardist and Imperial Teen lead singer Roddy Bottum stops by Bronson Island to talk food with Chuck and Zach. He gives us his strategy for attacking the Original Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, clues Zach in to the all you can eat pavillion at Dodgers' stadium, and tells us why sushi chefs don't like him. He also says Mike Patton will eat anything and his Imperial Teen bandmate Lynn will believe anything. 

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Ep. 51 - Chipotle's Culinary Manager (and former Next Iron Chef Contestant) Nate Appleman stops by the studio to talk music w/ Zach and fill in host Jeff Miller from Thrillist LA and the Black Crystal Wolf Kids.  They talk 80s music, Robin Thicke, and metal, plus Zach takes him to task over Chipotle's quesarito.

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