Food is the New Rock

Ep. 68 - Hannah and Christian from Grouplove invite us into their home to talk Halloween candy, pizza and their Chipotle VIP cards. Hannah tells us about growing up on a farm, and Christian recounts his time working as a bartender for Danny Meyer in New York. Plus they admit (for the first time publicly, we believe) that they recently turned vegan!  Their album Spreading Rumors, featuring the hit song "Ways to Go", is out now.  

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Ep. 67 - We continue with part two of last week's episode, bringing in Ryan and Matt from Grill 'em All (winners of the Great Food Truck Race in 2010) to join Scott from Weezer.  We talk about Dee Snider (both the burger and the man), Winger, and Metallica (naturally).  Plus they tell us about their collaborations with Zak Wylde. Get more info about their brick and mortar at

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Ep. 66 - Weezer's bassist Scott Shriner is a burger aficionado, so we met him at his favorite burger place in L.A. (Grill 'em All) to talk burgers, pizza and milkshakes.  We also talk cronuts, his mongolian BBQ strategy, and he admits that his favorite burger in Japan is McDonald's. This is actually just part 1 of 2.  At the end of this episode we invite the two guys from Grill 'em All to join the party and talk METAL.  So you have that to look forward to next week... 

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Ep. 65 - Jack Black and Kyle Gass are our latest podcast guests, and this may shock you... but both of the members of The D are into food. All the major chicken groups are discussed... including roasted, fried and waffle topped.  We also find out Jack & Kyle's favorite BBQ spots while they're on tour, and Jack unlocks the mystery behind Zach's lifelong obsession with General Tso's chicken.  

Tenacious D are presenting The Festival Supreme Saturday October 9th at the Santa Monica Pier.  But your tickets now and get more info at

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Ep. 64 - Chef Sang Yoon is well known in L.A. as the chef of Father's Office and Lukshon, and around the country for his stint on Top Chef Masters (both as a guest and a judge). But did you know he was also a roadie as a teenager?  He tells us all about it on this weeks podcast.  We also talk about his mom's amazing vinyl collection, the instrument she forced him to play, and how much she loved Def Leppard. Plus Zach manages to bring up Sang's refusal to serve ketchup or make any substitutions to the Father's Office burger, and compares it to punk rock.  

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