Food is the New Rock

Ep. 78 - Top Chef Masters judge Curtis Stone is this week's podcast guest. We sat down with him at his new restaurant Maude in Beverly Hills to talk punk rock, Australian pop, restaurant music and surfing. Plus we ask him what it was like to meet Brett Michaels and Cyndi Lauper on Celebrity Apprentice and Yo Gabba Gabba on Top Chef Masters. And Curtis admits to us that he doesn't love cooking for Paul McCartney. 

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Ep. 77 - Comedian, singer, rapper, and lover of ladies Andy Milonakis is this week's podcast guest. You may know Andy from "Superbowl is Gay" (google it), The Jimmy Kimmel Show, his eponymous MTV show, or his new rap group Three Loco, but did you know he's also a sushi boss. In fact he makes the outrageous claim that New York City's sushi right now is better than the sushi in Los Angeles. Dude also knows more about Greek food than anybody we've ever talked to on the show (he brought us Greek gum!) and tells us that being a rapper on stage gets you more girls than being on MTV, YouTube or cooking for a girl combined.  

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Ep. 76 - Folk pop singer/songwriter Brett Dennen comes to our Bronson Island studio to talk superfoods with Chuck & Zach.  He tells us about how he gargles with coconut oil, and makes his own vegan chocolate.  Plus Brett gives us his recommendations for sushi (he does eat fish) and him and Zach bond over their love of all you can eat buffets.  Brett's latest album is called "Smoke and Mirros" and features the song "Wild Child". Get more info, and see Brett's awesome video about "Wild Foods", at

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Ep. 75 - We kick off 2014 w/ singer, songwriter, DJ, photographer and vegan author Moby. Zach went to his house, where they talked about sustainable farming, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, oysters, and how advances in Vegan cooking over the years have made touring much easier for him over the years. He also tells us the story of how he bought stock in Whole Foods immediately after discovering the first branch in Austin in 1992, and floats his theory that heaven is vegan. Moby's latest album "innocents" is out now on Mute Records. 

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