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Ep. 86 - We talk Detroit pizza, Nashville restaurants, and S.F. food w/ Ranconteur, record label head and all around amazing singer/songwriter Brendan Benson on this week's podcast- which was recorded at SxSw in Austin. He also declares his love for Alice Waters, tells us about tour catering, and admits that he uses his kids as his taste testers.   Jeff Miller from Thrillist joins Zach as guest host.

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Ep. 85 - Top Chef winner Paul Qui has made a name for himself down in Austin, first at Uchiko, and then at his eponymous restaurant Qui in East Austin. Last week Zach went down to SxSw and got to sit down with Paul just before service to talk music, Austin, and food.  They talked about how many of Paul's employees play in bands, plus how similar being a chef and being a musician is.  And at the end, we're treated to one of the best Wu-Tang stories ever told.  Find out more about Chef Paul Qui at

And a big thank you to Chevy for bringing us down to SxSw with them for the week!  We couldn't have done this episode of the podcast without their generous support.  

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Ep. 84 - DJ/Producer/Artist Jennifer Lee (aka Tokimonsta) is this week's podcast guest. We talk a ton about Korean food and she tells us about her mom's chain of fast food teriyaki restaurants. Jennifer also tells us about her recent trip through South American and recounts her earliest cooking disaster (spoiler: she was 9 and it was a cheesecake.) Plus we talk about her cameo on Fried Food Paradise 3 and she admits that she is probably gluten intolerant but chooses to ignore her diagnosis.  Tokimonsta starts a US tour in April, get more details at

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Ep. 83 - Nadia G is this week's podcast guest, the host of Bitchin Kitchen on the Cooking Channel. She tells us about the food she ate and music she listened to growing up, like Bon Jovi and DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. Plus we talk about how beards are great for storing snacks for later, and at the very end she plays a Guns N Roses song live for us. 

Bitchin Ktichen airs on the Cooking Channel Fridays at 9:30am, and her new show 'Sick Kitchens with Nadia G.' is now available on

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