Food is the New Rock

Ep. 95 - Iron Man director Jon Favreau comes on the podcast to talk about his new movie "Chef", and what a big role music and food play in the film- which takes place in L.A., Miami, New Orleans, and Austin. Zach also brings up how similar the movie is to Swingers (which he also wrote and starred in), including the awesomeness of the soundtrack- which features music from Gary Clark Jr., Rebrith Brass Band, and Perico Hernandez. 

The film "Chef" is in theaters now, and stars Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara, Jon Leguizamo, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Downey Jr. 

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Ep. 94 - WD-50 Chef Wylie Dufresne comes on the podcast this week to talk to Zach and guest host Jeff Miller about mostly the Grateful Dead.  A huge Deadhead, Wylie tells us about the old days when he used to follow the band around, cooking food in the parking lots of shows.  We also talk first concerts, cooking for Lou Reed, and Treme (the HBO New Orleans show that was pretty much all food and music.)  Plus Wylie talks about the reverence he has for musicians, and how he doesn't think chefs even come close to doing what they do.  

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Ep. 93 - Stephen Malkmus and his band the Jicks are this week's podcast guest.  Zach and guest co-host Jeff Miller (from Thrilllist) caught up with the band in the green room of The El Rey last time they were in Los Angeles to talk food and a little bit of sports (apparently Chef David Chang is in Stephen's fantasy basketball and baseballs leagues.) It also turns out Keyboardist Mike Clark used to own a restaurant in Portland, and Joanna tells us what it's like to be the token Vegetarian in the band.  Mark Ibold from Pavement also comes up in coversation, and Stephen tells us one of the best tidbits we've ever heard about Pok Pok chef (and former podcast guest) Andy Ricker before completely proving our thesis in the last 30 seconds of the podcast.

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks new album "Wig Out at Jagbags" is out now on Matador Records. 

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Ep. 92 - Grammy Award winning music producer Albhy Galuten is this week's podcast guest, along with his son Noah- who is the pitmaster of Bludso's Bar & Cue in Los Angeles and host of the Food Feeder on You Tube's Tasted Channel.  We break format a bit, letting Noah coax some amazing stories from his Dad, who produced an astouding 18 #1 hits.  Within the first 10 minutes Albhy admits to turning the Bee Gees vegetarian, turning Clapton on to Bob Marley, and turning Peter Tosh on to synth (in addition to being credited with inventing the drum loop.) He also goes on to tell stories about Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, David Crosby, the Allman Bros, and producers Tom Dowd, Arif Mardin, and Jerry Wexler (who he workd with at Criteria Studios in Miami.) The show is a long one, but it's a must listen for any fan of music and music production. 

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