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Ep. 104 - Jeni's Splended Ice Cream founder Jeni Britton Bauer is this week's podcast guest.  We talk to her about what kind of music she listened to growing up in Ohio, and what kind of music goes into making her famous ice cream.  We talk first concert and first album, plus she tells about ice cream album covers and this special vinyl they created for this year's record store day.  Want a copy?  We have two to giveaway, and all you have to do to enter is sign up for our newsletter at  Already signed up?  Then you're already entered to win. 

Jeni's new cookbook "Jeni's Spledid Ice Cream Desserts" is in stores now. 

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Ep. 103 - Kenny Vasoli from Philadelphia's Vacationer (and formerly from the Starting Line) comes to Bronson Island to talk food with us this week.  He tells Zach his favorite places to eat on tour, why he doesn't like to eat meat with bones, and how easy it is for him to stay gluten free on tour (spoiler: he does his best to stay away from stroopwafels).  PLUS Kenny gives us a great tip on what munchies to pair with your weed. 

Vacationer's new album "Relief" is out now.  Get more info at 

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Ep. 102 - The Spotted Pig celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion we finally got owner Ken Friedman to come on the podcast to talk food and music! Before teaming up with Chef April Bloomfield to build a restaurant empire- which also includes John Dory Oyster Bar (NYC), The Breslin (NYC), and Tosca Cafe (SF)-  Ken started off his career in the music industry, booking shows in San Francisco before switching to the label side of things where he worked for Clive Davis and later Trent Reznor. It also explains why he has so many musicians as business partners and investors (like U2, Jay-Z, Fatboy Slim, and Michael Stipe.)  We talk about all that, plus Mario Batali ("[he'd] suck up to anybody famous, then and now", Rachel Ray ("she's barely in the food business... [but] she's not so bad"), and the only way to go to music festivals. 

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Ep. 101 - Harley Morenstein, from Epic Meal Time, is our guest on this week's podcast.  Zach went to their studio on the day the US lost to Belgium in the World Cup (because Canadiens don't give a shit about American soccer) and talked to Harley about their brand new show Epic Meal Empire, which debuts on the FYI Network on July 26th.  Warning: there are spoilers. He also tells us what kind of music he listened to growing up, and about one of the terrible music videos he directed before starting EMT (which he compares to Wu Tang). And towards the end, Harley may or may not admit to coming face to face with a pig and feeling a tad bit guilty.  

Epic Meal Empire debuts on FYI TV Saturday, July 26th at 10ET/11PT. Get more info at

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Ep. 100 - We did it!!!  100 episodes... and what better way to celebrate than by finally getting chef/writer/food show host/TV sitcom creator Eddie Huang to come on and shoot the shit about music with us (among other things.)  Back on episode #35 w/ Francis Lam, we promised you Eddie and it only took us 65 episodes to deliver on that promise! In addition to asking EH about his first albums and first concert, we also ask him what it was like to eat ribs with 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell and he cops to being completely awestruck by Cam'ron. There was also a lot of hip hop talk, 19% of which Zach understood. Our friend Jeff Miller from Thrillist steps in as guest host.  

Eddie has his own podcast called Monosodium Glutamate, his MTV show "Snack off" debuts July 10th, and he has a sit-com coming soon to ABC called "Fresh off the Boat"- which is based on his memoir of the same name.  

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