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Ep. 111 - You likely know Alex Guarnaschelli from her triumph on Next Iron Chef, or as a judge on Chopped, or as the Executive Chef of Butter in New York City. But did you also know she is a huge fan of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden? And her mom, the famous cookbook editor, had a kick ass record collection? She also tells us about cooking for Prince (eat your heart out Marcus Samuelsson!), the time Nile Rodgers played at her restaurant The Darby, and the time she saw the Jerry Garcia Band at the Garden and left early to get a burger at Big Nick's on the Upper West Side. And then, her 7 year old daughter plays drums at the end of the episode to close things out. 

Alex will actually be one of the many chefs appearing with us at Food Network in Concert at Ravinia this weekend in Chicago, along with Anne Burrell, Jose Garces, Geoffrey Zakarian, and Jeff Mauro.  Plus musicians John Mayer, Phillip Phillips, Twin Forks, Josh Kaufman and more. We'll be podcasting live in the Bennet Gordon Hall from 3:45 to 4:30pm w/ Chef Jeff Mauro, Chris Carrabba (from Twin Forks and Dashboard Confessional), Josh Kaufman and more- so come say hi if you're in the Chicago area!  Get more info at

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Ep. 110 - Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz comes to Bronson Island this week to talk food with Zach and guest co-host Jeff Miller.  We talk about New Orleans, San Francisco burritos, and the beauty of lengua and tripe.  Plus we talk to him about his good friend Giada De Laurentiis and he tells about the greatest New Year's Eve dinner date of his life.

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Ep. 109 - Matt Mira, Michelle Branch and Andy Milonakis are just a few of the friends that stopped by to podcast with us this week, our very first episode recorded live at an event.  It all went down this past friday night at the opening night party of L.A. Times' The Taste.  In addition to Matt, Michelle and Andy, we also talked to L.A. Chefs Bruce Kalman (Union) and David Lefevre (MB Post), Cofax owner Jason Bernstein, our pal Ray Suen (from Childish Gambino's band), and L.A. Times editor Russ Parsons, who rivaled Jonathan Gold with his stories about Muddy Waters and Buddy Holly's mom.  At the very end our guest co-host Jeff Miller stopped by in between sets, with his band Black Crystal Wolf Kids, to close out the show. 

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Ep. 108 - Zach Carothers & Jason Sechrist from Portugal the Man are this week's podcast guests.  We started the show talking about food at Summer festivals, and they confirmed what Warpaint and Grouplove told us on previous podcasts, and that is that Osheaga in Montreal is the absolute best.  Jason tells us about his stint as an oyster shucker in Portland, and Zach gives us recommendations for eating in El Paso and Alaska.  They're on the Honda Civic Tour w/ our pals Grouplove through September.  


Come hang out with us at L.A. Times' The Taste opening night part, this Friday night August 29th at Paramount Studios. Our good friend Jeff Miller (who is a frequent guest co-host on this podcast) will be playing live with his Indie Rock cover band Black Crystal Wolf Kids, and there will be tons of great food and great booze.  Plus we'll have a booth onsite where we'll be recording a podcast during the party!  Get more info and tickets at 

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Ep. 107 - Rob Pope and Eric Harvey from Spoon are this week's podcast guests.  They sit down with Zach and guest co-host Jeff Miller (from Thrillist LA) at our Bronson Island studio to talk food.  We hear all about the two bars that Rob owns: The Bourgeois Pig in Lawrence Kansas and Lake Street in Brooklyn, NY. And Eric teaches us the late night joys of garbage plates.  They both tout their favorite places to eat in New York, Austin and elsewhere, and Zach brings the guys the best breakfast burritos L.A. has to offer, from a place called Cofax (mostly to make Britt jealous.)  

Spoon's new album "They Want My Soul" is out now.  Get more info at 

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Ep. 106 - Zach spent this past weekend at Outside Lands in San Francisco, stuffing his face, feeding bands, and podcasting... and here is the fruit of all that labor. Him and our good friend Jeff Miller (from Thrillist LA) talked to Ryan and Andrew from Grouplove, Stella from Warpaint, and Chefs Naomi Pomeroy (from BEAST in Portland) and Kris Morningstar (from The Gorbals in Los Angeles) who they ran into during Haim's performance.  The three conversations, which took place backstage at the festival, have been combined into one podcast spectacular for your listening pleasure!  


This week's podcast was sponsored by UE Boom and #makemusicsocial who made our entire trip to Outside Lands possible.  And you can actually see all the bands we ate grilled cheese sandwiches with this past weekend plus the 10 loudest foods we ate at the festival at 

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Ep. 105 - Daniel Kessler from the NYC band Interpol comes to Bronson Island to talk food and music with Zach & Chuck on this week's podcast.  They ask him about his strategy for finding the best food when he's on the road, his favorite places to eat around the world, and how much Brooklyn has changed over the years. Daniel also tells us about the restaurant he co-owns in Brooklyn (Bergen Hill) and L.A.'s Cafe Gratitude somehow makes it into the podcast conversation... AGAIN.  Interpol's new record "El Pintor" comes out September 9th on Matador Records.  Get more info about the album and their upcoming tour at 


This week's podcast was sponsored by UE Boom, who is also taking us to Outside Lands in S.F. this weekend to help #makemusicsocial.  Our thanks goes out to them, and so should yours.  If you're on Tumblr (or even if you're not) go to and follow them now. 

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Ep. 104 - Jeni's Splended Ice Cream founder Jeni Britton Bauer is this week's podcast guest.  We talk to her about what kind of music she listened to growing up in Ohio, and what kind of music goes into making her famous ice cream.  We talk first concert and first album, plus she tells about ice cream album covers and this special vinyl they created for this year's record store day.  Want a copy?  We have two to giveaway, and all you have to do to enter is sign up for our newsletter at  Already signed up?  Then you're already entered to win. 

Jeni's new cookbook "Jeni's Spledid Ice Cream Desserts" is in stores now. 

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Ep. 103 - Kenny Vasoli from Philadelphia's Vacationer (and formerly from the Starting Line) comes to Bronson Island to talk food with us this week.  He tells Zach his favorite places to eat on tour, why he doesn't like to eat meat with bones, and how easy it is for him to stay gluten free on tour (spoiler: he does his best to stay away from stroopwafels).  PLUS Kenny gives us a great tip on what munchies to pair with your weed. 

Vacationer's new album "Relief" is out now.  Get more info at 

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Ep. 102 - The Spotted Pig celebrates its 10 year anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion we finally got owner Ken Friedman to come on the podcast to talk food and music! Before teaming up with Chef April Bloomfield to build a restaurant empire- which also includes John Dory Oyster Bar (NYC), The Breslin (NYC), and Tosca Cafe (SF)-  Ken started off his career in the music industry, booking shows in San Francisco before switching to the label side of things where he worked for Clive Davis and later Trent Reznor. It also explains why he has so many musicians as business partners and investors (like U2, Jay-Z, Fatboy Slim, and Michael Stipe.)  We talk about all that, plus Mario Batali ("[he'd] suck up to anybody famous, then and now", Rachel Ray ("she's barely in the food business... [but] she's not so bad"), and the only way to go to music festivals. 

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