Food is the New Rock

Ep. 109 - Matt Mira, Michelle Branch and Andy Milonakis are just a few of the friends that stopped by to podcast with us this week, our very first episode recorded live at an event.  It all went down this past friday night at the opening night party of L.A. Times' The Taste.  In addition to Matt, Michelle and Andy, we also talked to L.A. Chefs Bruce Kalman (Union) and David Lefevre (MB Post), Cofax owner Jason Bernstein, our pal Ray Suen (from Childish Gambino's band), and L.A. Times editor Russ Parsons, who rivaled Jonathan Gold with his stories about Muddy Waters and Buddy Holly's mom.  At the very end our guest co-host Jeff Miller stopped by in between sets, with his band Black Crystal Wolf Kids, to close out the show. 

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